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The Quest for the Best Ramen in London: A Noodle Lover's Guide

London, a city renowned for its rich tapestry of cultures and cuisines, has seen a surge in the popularity of ramen over the past decade. This Japanese dish, with its aromatic broths and perfectly cooked noodles, has found a special place in the hearts of Londoners. Whether you're a local or a tourist, the quest for the perfect bowl of ramen can be an adventure. And with Places App, this adventure becomes even more rewarding.

Uzumaki London

Uzumaki London
Uzumaki London

Stepping into Uzumaki feels like being transported into an anime wonderland. This Japanese anime-themed restaurant offers a meal and an entire experience. The decor is a delightful blend of modern design and anime aesthetics, where diners can purchase toys and other collectables. But the real star here is their ramen. Their signature Uzumaki Ramen boasts tender chasu pork, marinated egg, and bamboo shoots, all swimming in a legendary Tonkotsu and miso broth that's been boiled for over 18 hours. And for the vegans, their Vegan Udon Ramen is a must-try. With Places App, you can enjoy these delights and earn cashback on every order from the list of our partners.

Bone Daddies and Soulfulseafood Collaboration

For those looking for a twist on the traditional, the Cajun Boil Ramen is a revelation. This unique dish, available until the 31st of October, combines the best of both worlds – a spicy chicken broth infused with soulful seafood sauce, tiger prawns, smoked chicken sausage, potato, roasted corn, egg, and noodles. And if you're feeling particularly indulgent, add half a lobster tail to your bowl. The unique spices in this dish promise a flavour explosion that'll have you exclaiming in delight.

Hakata Ramen

Hakata Ramen
Hakata Ramen

Located in the heart of London, Hakata Ramen is known for its generous portions and pocket-friendly prices. Their vegan ramen options have garnered a loyal following, with the Kumamoto Ramen standing out. It's a bowl of comfort and flavour, prepared with a 12-hour pork broth, cha shu pork, wood ear mushrooms, garlic chips, and a soft-boiled egg.

Monohon Ramen

Inspired by his time in Osaka during the '90s, Ian Wheatley, the founder of Monohon Ramen, embarked on a journey to bring authentic ramen to London. After extensive research in Japan and months of perfecting the dish in his kitchen, Wheatley opened Monohon Ramen in Old Street in 2015. The name 'Monohon' translates to "the real thing," and true to its name, the restaurant offers an authentic ramen experience. The atmosphere is bustling, the beer is chilled, and the ramen? Simply divine. The noodles have the perfect bite, and the broth, made with pork bones, kelp, and shiitake mushrooms, is rich and flavorful.


This small yet renowned ramen bar has been a staple in London since its opening in 2014. It has garnered a massive reputation for its exceptional ramen. The 18-hour simmered pork bone broth stands out, offering a rich and savoury base for various ramen dishes. Whether you prefer your noodles super-firm or super-soft, Kanada-Ya accommodates all preferences, promising a bowl you like. The restaurant also offers a range of toppings, from pork belly slices to blanched bean sprouts, ensuring a fulfilling meal. While the queues might be extended, the wait is well worth it for a taste of some of the best ramen in London. And you can always avoid a line with orders via Places App.

With Places App, you can discover these fantastic ramen spots in London and get the added benefit of cashback on your orders. So, why wait? Dive into the ramen world, slurp up those noodles, and let Places App enhance your culinary journey in London.

Lana Shevchenko, Head of Marketing

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